Our capacity


Achieving excellence in all we do and surpassing what’s expected, by applying comprehensive expertise throughout the processes and projects – is the Agyle Advantage we promise our customers.

We are an evolving company and are still adding to our list of capabilities but we certainly take pride in some mentioned here.


The potential of 5G is not limited to improved spectrum efficiency, faster data, ultra-low latency, or massive sensor networks. This smart network infrastructure will have an superior ability to support exponential scale of connectivity which will create opportunities across a wide array of markets such as connected cities, smart manufacturing, connected healthcare, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles.

Agyle is focused on redefining network economics for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) by offering a comprehensive end-to-end product portfolio across every layer of the network infrastructure stack. From 5G application / service layers to packet core and RAN – Agyle leads the way in evolved, telecom networking solutions enabling innovative and secure experiences for end users.

Wireless Connectivity

Connectivity rules the Internet of things — from wearables to home security cameras to self driving cars. And successfully integrating RFID, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other capabilities in small, high- performance devices requires a deep understanding of the full, end-to- end ecosystem of wireless technology.

Our IoT solutions are based on the combination of a partner ecosystem and our own technology that enables the network operators to offer end-to-end IoT solutions to enterprises from a broad range of industry verticals. Our core network and radio-access network solutions enable network operators to build out the network architecture they need to support the full potential for IoT.


Analytics can be a key differentiator allowing you to leverage knowledge from data to better understand the market and your customers. You can not only enhance your already tight margins but also discover better ways of serving your customers. See the big picture – and stay on top of trends.

At Agyle our Analytics team helps you discover and interpret the meaningful patterns in data. Get an end-to-end view of your customer life cycle journey and take steps to impact their decisions.

Testing and Certification

Agyle Networks Inc. offers customers comprehensive, state-of-the-art testing services. Our testing capabilities, unique software applications, and extensive roster of worldwide accreditations and authorizations offer manufacturers, designers and importers a single source for meeting all regulatory requirements. We also offer a broad range of expanded services — personal test consultation, initial assessment, technical consultation, as well as documentation services.